About Your Dentist

Wanda Moreta, DDS

Dr. Moreta receiver her DMD degree at University of Puerto Rico Dental School where she also received an Award from the Academy of Radiological Science. Short after she moved to Memphis Tn where she was appointed a position as Dental Director at the Multidisciplinary Clinic Brannon-Mcculloch. She later opened her own private practice where she provided essential care for her patients for many years. She enjoys spending time with her family specially her grand babies.

La doctora Moreta recibio su grado de DMD en la Universidad de Puerto Rico Escuela de Odontologia donde recibio el premio de la Academia de Radiologia. Poco tiempo despues se Traslado a Memphis Tn donde acepto una posicion en la Clinica Multidisciplinaria Brannon-McCullough de directora del departamento dental. Unos anos luego abrio su Clinica privada donde dedico varios anos en el tratamiento de sus pacientes. Ella disfruta pasar tiempo con su familia en especial sus nietos.

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Jesse McKinney, DDS

Dr. McKinney’s passion for understanding the intricacies of the human body and the world around him started at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Genetics. Dr. McKinney is aware that great oral health is a precursor for full-body performance, and that many systemic illnesses (Hypertension, Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, Autoimmune Disorders, etc.) will affect your teeth and supporting structures (gums and bones). Dr. McKinney wants to share all he has learned from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry and many continuing education courses with his patients, because a patient's oral health knowledge is the key to successful outcomes.

Dr. McKinney grew up in Bartlett and attended high school in Arlington. Upon dental school graduation Dr. McKinney moved to Austin, TX where he practiced dentistry for 6 years. Dr. McKinney is ecstatic to be back in the Memphis area and to serve those that served him in his years of development!